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Sacramento Kings' Media Day Features New G1C Practice Facility

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, California — Days before the new Golden 1 Center's (G1C) grand-opening, the Sacramento Kings were able to break in their snazzy, brand new practice facility on Sept. 26.

The members from the local media were able to work in awe as they talked to players about their off-season, new facilities, free-agent signings, and their upcoming season. The Kings will start with 18 players in training camp.

Publicity Agents will cover the opening of G1C and all the festivities surrounding the 18,000-plus arena that will be used for sporting events and entertainment in downtown Sacramento. The building already adds a great flare to the River City.

Here are some photo optics from the Kings' Media Day.

Photo Art by T. Ray Harvey

(c) Copyright 2016, PUBLICITY AGENTS

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