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PLUM Art Exhibition Displays Insights

Art Collection Makes Cultural Impact

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, California - Contemporary and Afrofuturism Visual Artist Delgreta Brown recently presented her fourth solo exhibition PLUM. The public art viewing and reception was held on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Del Paso Works Building, 1001 Del Paso Boulevard in Sacramento, California.

The month-long art show remained installed from Oct. 7 to Nov. 4, 2016. The exhibition was well-received by local art supporters.

The Northern California artist debuted a new collection of acrylic abstract and portrait paintings. Outstanding works in the exhibit include the powerful "Walking With Elephants," the fascinating ultra-feminine "Luxe Life," and the clever "Fresh Noire."

National visual artist Delgreta Brown made a personal connection with her recent art exhibition, PLUM.

Ms. Brown is known for her use of vibrant pigments, dynamic cultural imagery, and unique style of Afrofuturism art. In her new collection she is intrigued by the luminosity of darker hues. It is a collection that represents a shift in her perspectives on origin, time, ethnicity, and femininity.

In addition to the reception, the artist held "Lunch With The Artist," a mini-event, on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The noonday event encouraged art enthusiasts to visit the gallery to view the exhibition and patronize businesses in the area during their lunchtime.

Despite local promotion and a few visitors from the north area neighborhood "Lunch With The Artist" was successfully attended by online viewers who were able to watch the live streamed video of the afternoon "Artist Talk."

The art exhibition garnered a number of art sales from both seasoned and beginning art collectors. In fact, one of the most emotional works on display titled "Essence" was the first to make its mark. Although Ms. Brown's work is not blatantly political she felt compelled to create a painting that engaged spiritual, social and cultural commentary.

"In the process of developing the concept for this exhibition there were multiple police shootings and deaths. For months at a time it seemed as if every time I logged onto social media there was another tragic death at the hands of law enforcement. It was very heavy to digest—as an artist I had to find a healthy way to channel that painful energy...and Essence was one of the paintings that addressed how I felt about the issue," stated the artist.

"I was pleased that the image made a deep and personal connection with the public and the art patron. She understood its cultural significance, symbolism and spiritual interpretation."

A review of the exhibition shows most of the paintings in the exhibition are related to darker hues. In her artist statement Ms. Brown says there's a luminosity to blackness that she wanted to explore. The artist believes that creating abstract art for PLUM was the best way to explain complex emotions and perceived racial/ethnic constructs.

"The exhibition is definitely darker in comparison to my other works," she says. "But in that there's a beauty...Ultimately I found that darker hues emit its own luster. It's such a heavy concept that I could only express it abstractly."

"It's a pivotal time for humanity and society-- for African Americans. We all are in great transition and in the midst of great transformation. I really can't think of a more liberated way to express gender, ethnicity, culture, spirituality, social, and racial issues."

"I believe that blackness is incredibly abstract and is often misunderstood due to its various properties. As the result of much reflection on the matter, the works in PLUM possess a mysterious, magical, bold, funky, raw, organic and intimate emotional quality. I wanted to express a specific essence...PLUM is definitely something distinct, complex and deep at its core," she added.

PLUM is an evenly balanced, soulful, and intimate exhibition. It is the artists third independently produced exhibition and non-gallery affiliated event in Sacramento, California. Additionally, it is her fourth solo exhibition—following up after the amazing, landmark 2015 (N)EON: The New Eon art show held at the Union Gallery on California State University of Sacramento (CSUS) campus.

Visit for more information about the artist. Follow her on social media: Instagram @Amariginal_Art_ or Twitter @iamariginal. 

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