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PA's Spinning Records: "Are You Impressed" - Kev Choice

One of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest entertainer, M.C./Pianist Kev Choice opens up his heart and soul and takes us on a musical journey with "The Power of Choice (2011)." The album reflects songs of inspiration, struggle, motivation, and encouragement.

Kev Choice also discusses his dreams, success, losses and loves over an array of musical soundscapes. Clever and wise lyrically, substance filled content, and beats that slap beyond the melodic and harmonic complexity of most of today's Hip-Hop make this a "Powerful" album to have and listen to.

Are You Impressed

Video directed by Samm Styles and Brian Storm. Music produced by super producer Aagee (Compound 7, Hieroglyphics) also features J Myers on background vocals.

Video has cameos from leading lady Cecile Knox, local R&B sensation "Netta B" and San Francisco Bay Area musicians Uriah Duffy, Greggo Simmons, and Mitchel Wilcox.


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