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AMERICAN VAMP Experiments With 'Literary Theater,' Book Drops In 2018

T. Ray (Antonio) Harvey, a Public Information Officer and Photo Artist for Publicity Agents, is currently writing the true-crime novel, AMERICAN VAMP: The Femme Fatale Life of Michelle “Batgirl” Cummiskey.

“The age of ‘Literary Theater’ is here. It’s a new form of writing books that provides more than just definitive words, sentence structures, and scholarly devices. In this day and age of social marketing, multimedia communications, and subsidized interfaces; creative novels can now add more to the equation. It’ll have readers feeling good about the value of the product as well as appreciating the purchase. ”

— T. Ray Harvey

Image designed by T. Ray Harvey for Black Magic Ink: Graphics and Designs Division,

(c) 2012.

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